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Div. 1 (Society of General Psychology) encourages students, academicians and professionals in psychology to be educated and trained across the broad areas of the discipline and to promote unity and coherence in psychology. To this end, we would like to offer you a free one-year membership to Div. 1.

By accepting this offer you will:

  • Receive our biannual newsletter, The General Psychologist.

  • Be added to our email list to receive announcements about the society.

  • Be cordially invited to involve yourself in all of the activities of the division, such as serving on committees of the society, presenting your research and scholarship at the annual APA convention, and enjoying the congenial fellowship of like-minded colleagues.

Benefits of Membership

  • The Review of General Psychology, Div. 1’s outstanding journal.

  • The General Psychologist, the Div. 1 newsletter — the best newsletter in psychology. 

  • Discounts on Div. 1 books, which includes six volumes of Pioneers in Psychology.

  • Exciting programs at APA that present distinguished award winners.

  • Great people who support coherence among psychology's many subfields.

  • Low dues.

Types of Memberships

We have three types of memberships: 

  1. APA member (includes fellows and affiliates): Dues are $28.00, includes journal and newsletter. Life Status Member (dues exempt): To receive journal, please pay $10.00. 
  2. Student affiliate (belonging to APA or not): Dues are $10.00, includes journal and newsletter. 
  3. Professional affiliate (professional who does not belong to APA): Division Assessment $10.00, includes journal and newsletter. 

Last updated: September 2021Date created: March 2012
The General Psychologist