Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology: Volume V

Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology: Volume VPortraits of Pioneers in Psychology, Volume V is the next book in the inspirational and informative series that profiles psychology's pioneers. Leading scholars write about the psychological pioneers who influenced their own areas of expertise. As with previous volumes, this one also traces the origins of the major currents in psychology — from behavioral genetics to conditioning and learning, from personality and psychotherapy to gender, politics and race.

Readers will learn about the "giants" of the major schools of psychological thought — structuralism, psychoanalysis, behaviorism, functionalism and Gestalt theory — and trace the cross-fertilization of ideas across schools and disciplines. Volume V features 20 pioneers, including G. Stanley Hall, Margaret Floy Washburn, William McDougall, Kurt Goldstein, June Etta Downey and Frederick M. Lord.