Online voting

Division 1 is attempting to establish bylaw changes that support a new online voting option for members

By Dean Keith Simonton, PhD

Division 1 has been informed by the APA Central Office that we need to make the following change to our bylaws:

ARTICLE V-Nominations and Elections

The President-Elect, the Representative(s) to the APA Council of Representatives and the Members-at-Large of the Executive Committee shall be elected by a preferential vote of the Society Fellows, Members, Associates and Affiliates who are members of APA on a secret mail or electronic ballot.

The underlined words should be added to allow online voting.

This change will be voted on at the division's business meeting at the 2012 APA Conference in Orlando. The announcement is made now in accord with Article IX of the Division 1 bylaws.

I hope to see you all in Orlando in August 2012.