Division Business

Executive committee meeting minutes

The group discussed book award winners, a convention hospitality suite, mentoring students, the Good Governance Model and the speakers' network

Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012
7 - 8:50 p.m.
Peabody Hotel, Celebration Room 11

Present: Josephine Tan, Brian Stagner, Gina Brelsford (recording), Greg Feist, Wade Pickren, Don Dewsbury, Doug Candland, Eric Charles, Joan Chrisler, Janet Sigal, John Hogan, Rosie Philips Bingham, Zoeann Finzi-Smith, Christine Charyton, Mark Terjesen, Dean Simonton, Richard Velayo, Nancy Felipe Russo, Harold Takooshian

  1. Meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m. by the president. At Dean's suggestion, each person introduced himself or herself, identifying his or her respective role(s) in the division.
  2. It was mentioned by various committee members that George A. Miller passed away recently. Division 1 has an award related to Dr. Miller, so do we need to change the title of the award?
  3. The minutes from the 2011 EC meeting were approved.
  4. Dean Simonton needs to amend his president's report because he did not announce that Janet Sigal was president-elect and Gordon Burghart was elected to member-at-large for Division 1.
  5. Dean Simonton spoke about the awards for 2012 to be presented in 2013. He indicated they were stellar. He indicated that Piers Steel won the George A. Miller award for his article on procrastination.
  6. Wade Pickren gave his president-elect report and announced the William James Book award winners. Co-award winners include: Wilma Koutstaal for the book The Agile Mind and Science as Psychology: Sense-Making and Identity in Science Practice by Drs. Osbeck, Nersessian, Malone, and Newstetter. Lisa Osbeck is our program chair for 2013. Theme for next year at APA (Hawai'i) is "General Psychology in the 20th Century."
  7. Program chairs (Mark Terjesen and Greg Feist) reported on their program. Paper session submissions 11/13 accepted. Posters 30/40 posters accepted. Invited two addresses via invitation. Based on membership and attendance, 41 substantive hours and seven non-substantive hours allocated from APA. We did not use all of our spaces this year, but in coming years our allotted hours will change.
  8. Mark Terjesen as hospitality suite coordinator spoke about his push for filling the suite with presentations. First year for a pure Division 1 suite in some time. We put out a lot of notices about the suite, but not everyone may know about it. Please encourage others to attend the hospitality suite events. Costs are close to $1800 this year for the suite. When in Hawai'i, think about the suite next year to optimize the time because suite programming is typically closed earlier.
  9. Past President report by Nancy Felipe Russo. Project that she developed was a policy committee. Thinking about the kinds of things that can be done in Division 1. Who else might be nominated for these committees? Nancy would prefer to have volunteers. Would like approval to explore a project for which we take on promoting voter registration for our members for the public interest. Check with APA to make sure everything is done correctly and the initiative is non-partisan. Could there be interdisciplinary collaboration? Nancy would like to do something to empower people through giving them information on how to advocate to vote. Dean asked if she would like to continue to chair a committee on policy. Nancy would like to continue this role and would like to get collaboration on this issue. Brian Stagner asked if research would be involved in understanding voting and psychological issues. Dean suggested that this be part of the Policy committee's agenda if Nancy would like to continue to chair this committee. Nancy agreed to take on this task and requested that folks email her if they would like to be part of that committee.
  10. Nancy also talked about mentoring students and developing collaborative processes between psychologists. Division 1 is a natural leader in stimulating cross-disciplinary collaboration.
  11. Joan Chrisler presented the treasurer's report. Income for last year was over $66,000. Division 1 spent only $23,000, so we ended with a surplus of over $43,000. For 2012 we are seeing more downloads for the journal and a slightly higher income from the Pioneers series. Membership is down, so that income is not as high as in 2011. Dean suggested that we look at ways to utilize some of this money in important ways.
  12. Why are we losing members? There was a brief discussion about this, but will continue when we talk about membership by Mark Terjesen
  13. The executive committee approved the budget.
  14. Doug Candland provided a history of the Review of General Psychology. Royalty income will continue to increase by 20 percent per year for some years according to APA and then will level off. As of yesterday 66 manuscripts to date have been submitted to RGP. Acceptance rate is 25 percent. Financial situation gives the division some freedom, which it has not had before. Doug suggested that we might use the monies to build the division membership. Don Dewsbury inquired if there is a way to support the division journal more fully. Special issues are doing well. Human nature and pop culture is a new special issue, but the figures are not out on that issue. Special issues are treated differently (financially).
  15. Gina Brelsford gave the secretary's report. The roster was updated and will be emailed to the executive committee after the meeting. Attendance was taken and will be recorded in the meeting minutes. The Division 1 manual needs to be updated to cover all changes including by-law changes. Dean noted some inconsistencies in the manual related to roles.
  16. Rosie Philips Bingham presented as the council representative and talked about the Good Governance model. Do we want all of the fiduciary responsibility to move to a smaller body of APA? This was a big question of debate. Internship placement crisis was discussed. APA provided three million dollars help APPIC approved programs to become APA accredited internship sites. There was a committee on human trafficking. Public Education campaign related to psychology as a science. APA is in sound financial shape. Buildings are fully leased. Don talked about reorganization of the program hours is concerning and council action on this is very important
  17. Marissa Harrison was unable to make the meeting, so her report was not present.
  18. Brian Stanger discussed his role in working with Wade to determine who will take over as journal editor. Doug's time is dwindling and a new editor needs to be appointed.
  19. Josephine Tan indicated that much of her work this year was spent on the awards manual. She is member-at-large as well.
  20. Don Dewsbury (as Historian) suggested that all correspondence be sent to him after Division 1 members leave their respective roles in the division or after each year for submission into the division archives.
  21. Don Dewsbury presented on the Portraits of Pioneers. History of this series: The Division published six volumes and the total royalties go to Division 1. After Vol. 6, APA did not want to continue and Taylor and Francis took over from Erlbaum and did not want a 7th volume. Wade and Don were brought in as co-editors for this next volume focused on the pioneers in the developmental psychology field. Don and Wade need someone to take over as incoming editor(s) if there is an interest with the publishers. Could we collaborate with another division, or someone who is a member of Division 1 and another division? 
  22. Zoeann Finzi-Smith presented on her role as student representative. She had an opportunity to meet with other student reps and find ways that students can benefit from membership in Division 1.
  23. Josephine Tan indicated that she revised the awards manual. She reorganized the manual. The manual will be published twice per year to reflect changes. The next revision will occur in January of 2013.
  24. Mark Terjesen discussed how membership in Division 1 is declining. We should invite those who submit and publish in RGP to become Division 1 members. There are also a large number of people who are APA members, but are not members of any division. We could tap into those members for division membership.
  25. Eric Charles presented his report on early career membership. There needs to be a concerted effort to discuss what Division 1 has to offer early career psychologists (ECPs). What are the practical and immediate benefits for ECPs or new members?
  26. Harold Takooshian discussed that we have 225 speakers in the speaker's network. He also indicated that we had a record number of submissions for the Anastasi award. Judging these submissions are very time consuming and some form of compensation for future judges may be a responsible request.
  27. Fellows report presented by Richard Velayo. Fellows breakfast that is a collaboration with Division 52 will be held on Saturday morning. Four new fellows were approved and four fellows from other divisions were also approved.
  28. Dean discussed how Josephine and Nancy all worked together to improve the awards handbook. There are a number of issues:
    1. Honorarium for judges for the Anastasi Research Award (there were a large number of submissions this year).
    2. Tax forms-award chairs need to work with treasurer on this, not the awards chair
    3. Medals, plaques, etc. will be presented at the business meeting. The William James Award will not be presented at the business meeting. The Staats award will also not be presented at the business meeting, but at that award winner's talk, which is organized by APF.
    4. Josephine recommended an overlapping year between past and incoming award coordinator.
    5. Josephine will revise the awards manual twice a year.
  29. Discussion of monetary award increase for three awards (Miller, James, Boneau). Monetary awards increased to $1500 for each award per unanimous vote from the executive committee.
  30. Nancy and Greg talked about the importance of not neglecting our general psychologists, specifically at two-year and four-year colleges.
  31. Josephine talked about membership: Could we have travel awards for students?
  32. Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Gina M. Brelsford, PhD, Division 1 Secretary