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Call for nominations from the Fellows Committee

Become a Div. 1 fellow.

By Richard Velayo, PhD

The Div. 1 Fellows Committee is seeking nominations and applications for fellow status in the division. Self-nominations are welcome.

There are two paths to fellow status in the division:

First, members of Div. 1 who are APA members, but are not fellows of APA, may apply for fellow status in Div. 1. They are known as “new fellow” applicants and must meet both APA criteria and Div. 1 criteria for fellow status.

Second, any member of Div. 1 who is already a current Fellow of APA may apply to become a fellow of the division. These applicants are known as “current fellows.” Current fellows are only evaluated by the division's Fellows Committee. Current fellows are good resources for information about being and becoming a fellow. Letters from current fellows are also required for those applying for new fellow status.

APA fellow criteria include:

  • Five (5) years of acceptable professional experience beyond receipt of the doctoral degree.
  • Membership in APA for at least one year.
  • Unusual and outstanding contributions that have had a national or international impact in general psychology.

Read about Div.1 fellow criteria.

Process for New Fellows

The process to apply to be an APA fellow is now done via the APA fellows online application platform. This new system will allow nominees, endorsers, and division's fellows chairs to submit all required documents online.

The online system will replace the previous, paper-based process and all fellows applications must be added to the system to be considered by the Fellows Committee.

Applications for new fellow status require letters from three current Div. 1 fellows and completion of other materials described in the APA fellows online application platform. Please visit the fellows webpage for more information and to access the new online system.

All materials, including letters of reference, must be completed by Nov. 15, 2014.

The candidates' applications are reviewed by the division's Fellows Committee. Those receiving a positive recommendation will be forwarded to the APA Fellows Committee for their review. Fellow status is granted by the APA Fellows Committee. Please remember that there can only be one nominating division.

Process for Current Fellows

Current fellows of APA from other divisions may apply for Div. 1 fellow status by sending a current vita and a letter highlighting the reasons that one has met the criteria for fellow status in the division. These candidates' applications must be emailed to Richard Velayo. The due date for Current Fellows applications is April 15, 2015. Current Fellows applications are evaluated by the division's Fellows Committee only.