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Welcome members

The division membership chair aims to attract new members and retain current members.

By Mark Sciutto, PhD

I am pleased to begin service as the membership chair for Div. 1. I am currently department chair and professor of psychology at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania. In an era of increased specialization, I have greatly appreciated Div. 1's goal of creating coherence among psychology's diverse subspecialties. The division's commitment to unifying psychology through theory, research, and practice has been invaluable in my development as a teacher and as a scholar. As membership chair, I hope to showcase that commitment in ways that attract new colleagues and retain our strong membership base. In the coming year, we will form a membership committee that will be tasked with developing innovative partnerships with other divisions, soliciting feedback from members, and exploring strategies for reaching out to psychologists who share the division's mission. We will also work collaboratively with the new Div. 1 mentoring program. Please feel free to email me with ideas for membership or if you are interested in getting involved with membership issues. Finally, I encourage you to send me some of the reasons you value being a member of Div. 1. We would like to showcase the many benefits of being part of Div. 1. Please feel free to share our membership brochure and feel free to share it with colleagues.