Div. 1 Awards

Award coordinator’s report

A summary of Div. 1’s 2015 award recipients.

By Joycelyn Turner-Musa, PhD

Joycelyn Turner-Musa, PhDThe Society for General Psychology awards program recognizes excellence in research, scholarship and service that contribute to the integration of knowledge across the subfields of psychology. The society awards books, research articles, career contributions, student research and service to Div. 1. The society also provides nominations to the American Psychological Foundation (APF) for the Arthur W. Staats Lecture award. Winners are announced at the annual APA convention the year of the award submission.

During the 2015 award year, we received many stellar nominations. The winners were announced at the awards reception held in the Div. 1 hospitality suite on Saturday, Aug. 8. We were joined by our 2015 and 2016 award winners and celebrated their achievements. During the celebration we reflected on the 70 year history of Div. 1 as well as the history of the awards program.

Special thanks to Nancy Baker (chair, William James Award), Joan Chrisler (chair, George Miller Award), Janet Sigal (chair, Ernest Hilgard Award), Wade Pickren (chair, Arthur Staats Award and liaison with APF), Carrol Perrino (chair, Anne Anastasi Award), and Terece Bell and  Nick Noviello (chairs, Corsini Student Poster Award) and their committee members for their hard work and dedication. Thanks are also extended to Harold Takooshian and Josephine Tan for their support during my first year as Div. 1 awards coordinator.

Details about the award program are available online.