70th Anniversary Greetings

Greetings from the president of the Ontario Psychological Association

The president of the Ontario Psychological Association joins us in celebrating our anniversary.

By Jane Storrie, PhD

Thank you for inviting me to say a few words. I would like first to extend a warm welcome to Toronto to all Div. 1 members from the board and membership of the Ontario Psychological Association (OPA). I hope you have the opportunity to explore this beautiful city and enjoy yourself so much that you’ll want to come back. The weather has been really nice this week ... had you been here last week you would have experienced our northern heat and humidity ... not quite Arizona heat or Carolina humidity, but it still packs a whollop.

I am also very pleased to congratulate you on your 70th anniversary. We are celebrating OPA’s 68th anniversary this year, so we are aware of the dedication and commitment required to stay relevant and to attract and keep members. In every successful organization or society, there are those who go above and beyond, volunteering their time to ensure that members receive value for their dues. So, in addition to recognizing the members of Div. 1 who keep the society strong and vital, I would like to acknowledge the executive, chairs, committee members and others who after 70 years ensure that the Society for General Psychology remains a division that APA members want to belong to.

Congratulations, and I wish you many more years of success.