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IamPsyched! Museum Day Live! 2016

APA hosted an interactive pop-up exhibit, “Inspiring Histories, Inspiring Lives: Women of Color in Psychology.”

By Joycelyn Turner-Musa, PhD

I had the privilege of representing Div. 1 at the  IamPsyched! Museum Day Live! 2016— Inspiring Histories, Inspiring Lives: Women of Color in Psychology, on Saturday, March 12, 2016, at the APA Capitol View Conference Center.  Div. 1 was a supporter of this event and was recognized:

IamPsyched! is a joint project of the APA Women's Programs Office, the Cummings Center for the History of Psychology and Psychology's Feminist Voices, in collaboration with the Council on Women and Girls at the White House and the Smithsonian Affiliations program. A pop-up exhibit was developed to empower girls of color to explore the social and behavioral sciences and to use psychology to engage in positive social change. A team of middle and high school girls also served as docents for the exhibit.

APA Interim CEO Cynthia Belar welcomed visitors and Ramani Durvasula moderated the town hall meeting which was streamed live. Other speakers included Judith Arroyo, Jessica Henderson Daniel, Iva GreyWolf, Angela Cole Dixon, Helen Hsu, Tami Jollie-Trottier, Camilla Knott and Kee Straits. All of these phenomenal women are senior- or mid-career-level psychologists.  The event was inspirational and motivational.  Young girls from schools in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia attended and learned about the rich contributions that women of color have made to psychology.