Anne Anastasi Awards – Jonathan Galente and Olivia J. Hooker

The Manhattan Psychological Association granting awards to two of Anne Anastasi's closest colleagues.

By Harold Takooshian, PhD

Harold Takooshian, a member of Div. 1, is also a board member of the Manhattan Psychological Association (MPA). 

Jonathan Galente, a noted teacher, champion of Anastasi's legacy, and director of the Anne Anastasi Foundation.Olivia J. Hooker, PhD, a pioneering psychology teacher, researcher, and practitioner.MPA held its first ever presentation of Anne Anastasi Awards on Sept. 18. This new MPA award is named for Anne Anastasi, PhD (1908-2001), a legendary professor of psychology at Fordham University, whose entire 71-year career was within 12 miles of her home at 121 East 38th Street in Manhattan. MPA focuses on "All things psychological in Manhattan," where Anastasi was a teacher, research, author, consultant and the first psychologist to receive the U.S. National Medal of Science in psychology, from President Ronald Reagan in 1987.

The two inaugural MPA award recipients were two of Anastasi's closest colleagues. The first recipient was Jonathan Galente, a lifelong friend of Anastasi, widely known as a Renaissance man; an artist, builder, sailor, executive director of the DeMello-Stroud Spirituality Center in New York and the hand-picked director of the Anne Anastasi Foundation. Galente spoke of his 40 years working with Anastasi at Fordham.

The second recipient was Olivia J. Hooker, PhD, a pioneering psychology teacher, researcher and practitioner. 

The event was hosted by Fordham University and arranged by the board of directors of the Manhattan Psychological Association, For details on the gathering, contact MPA President Suzanne Roff Wexler, or Takooshian.