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Editor's Note

My final issue as editor.

By Alicia M. Trotman, PhD

This is my final issue as editor of the newsletter of The General Psychologist. I would like to thank past and current officers of the executive committee, and members of Div. 1 for their submissions. Special thanks go my mentors through all issues: Nancy Baker; Joan Chrisler; Irene Frieze; Deborah Johnson; Janet Sigal; Harold Takooshian and Richard Velayo. Also thank you to those who provided frequent or occasional submissions: John Hogan; Harold Takooshian; David Chirko; Ani Kalayjian and John Minahan.

This issue begins with our “President's Column” and our invitation to you to join us for our events during the APA Convention in August 2017 in Washington, D.C. We have an engaging list of events in store (please see PDF version of the newsletter). In addition, you will find our revised bylaws—please email any concerns to our president, Irene Frieze. And we spotlight new members as a reminder to continue your membership or recruit new persons, as we will always be the “number one” division.

Our theme for this issue was the male psyche/the female psyche. Alice Eagly submitted an article for the female psyche, outlining the need to move past female and male traits for characterizing difference and recognizing that themes that contain related attributes are more productive. Chuck Lepkowsky's article, based from his practice, chronicles communicative habits of men and women. In response to the male psyche, the author surmises that expressing feelings are burdensome for American men which impedes the interactions necessary for conflict resolution. Our Historian, John Hogan, in collaboration with Kathleen Hurley then expands on how communicative theories became a resonant force in psychology with the work of one of our past-presidents, Carl Iver Hovland.

Next, we begin inviting educators outside of the United States who teach psychological courses to submit their syllabi for Project Syllabus International. After, there are details on many interesting events reviewed by Harold Takooshian, including a forum to address coping with strident emotions activated by the U.S. election. Then, we provide a number of articles written by our members: Pat DeLeon summarizing important points from the final report of the commission of care for veteran affairs; Kenneth Barish contending for a child centered philosophy for parenting; and David Chirko illustrating the debate between B. F. Skinner and Carl Rogers, or more pertinently, behaviorism and humanistic/person-centered psychology. This issue culminates with two book reviews: John Nicole Katz and John Hogan review the first book describing the life of the curious Patient H.M.; and myself, examining and commenting on the second book that delineates how polarities of the mind work against enriching humanity. If you have any concerns or comments, please feel free to email me.