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Candidate Statements for Div. 1 (Society for General Psychology)

Presidential candidate statements for Sarah L. Friedman and Jocelyn Turner-Musa

Please note that the submission of a candidate statement was voluntary, so not all candidates listed on the ballot will have a statement.

Sarah L. Friedman, PhD, candidate for president-elect

I am honored by my nomination for the position of President of Div. 1 (The Society for General Psychology). If elected, I will bring to this position my personal and professional experience, including my being a naturalized U.S. citizen who is grateful for the opportunities provided in the U.S., my experience as a research administrator and a scientific researcher who has worked in federal agencies, in a nonprofit research and analysis corporation and currently as an academic research professor. I will also rely on my familiarity with APA, where I served for many years as a division representative to the Committee for Children Youth and Families and where I now serve my second term on the APA Council of Representatives and its Diversity Committee.

I am interested in interdisciplinary perspectives, a fact that led me to envision and implement long term longitudinal research of child development that focused on social, emotional, cognitive, linguistic, academic and physical health development of children from birth through adolescence and which studied family, child care, school, physical maturation and genetic contributions to development (NICHD Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development). Throughout my career I travelled to international conferences where I learned to appreciate the importance of including culturally diverse perspectives, leading to my commitment to cultivate in Div. 1 the participation of clinicians and researchers from around the world. As your president, I will work to build a membership and programs that reflect diversity of age, ethnicity, nationality and disciplinary background.

Jocelyn Turner-Musa, PhD, candidate for president-elect

I am humbled by the nomination to serve as president of Div. 1 (The Society for General Psychology). As president, I will work with members to advance our mission of promoting coherence among psychology’s diverse specialties and fostering awareness of the integrative nature of general psychology. I will continue efforts to expand and diversify our membership to reflect the multiple perspectives of psychology. This includes increasing our social media presence to publicize Div. 1 initiatives, strengthening participation of students and early career professionals and continuing support of interdivisional activities.

My experience provides me with the skills needed to effectively and innovatively develop new avenues to support outreach, diversity and inclusivity for Div. 1. As Div. 1 awards coordinator (2014-2018), I liaised with other APA divisions, the APF, professional organizations (e.g., APS) and worked closely with Div. 1 leadership. The position gave me a greater understanding of Div. 1 policies, organizational structure, initiatives and its role as a foundational division. My leadership skills have been enhanced through participation in the APA Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology and the Association of American Colleges and Universities STEM Leadership Institute.

Consistent with APA’s mission, it is important that we advance psychology as a discipline that benefits society and improves lives. Div. 1 is in a unique position to proactively bridge the gap between psychology’s diverse perspectives to support this mission. I am prepared to serve and work with you to achieve our collective goals and appreciate your support.