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Division 18 History

Established in 1946, Div. 18 was one of APA’s first divisions. With a focus on advocating for psychology in public service settings, such as recruitment, pay, and career advancement, many psychologists working in the public sector have called Div. 18 their home in APA.

  • Robert W. Goldberg Division 18 Memorial History Photograph Collection
    The Robert W. Goldberg Division 18 Memorial History Photograph Collection includes photographs taken of Division 18 activities by Robert Goldberg, PhD, in the past as well as photographs taken by others in the past and future to visually document events in the division’s history.

  • Division 18 celebrated its 75th anniversary with a special webinar presented by former Div. 18 historian, Dr. Rodney Baker. 

View the recording

  • Interviews with past presidents: In honor of our 75th anniversary, former presidents of Div. 18 were interviewed on our division’s podcast Public Service Psychology Now:
  • 2018–19 Nadine Kaslow, PhD, ABPP
  • 2017–18 Linda Richardson, PhD
  • 2016–17 Shirley M. Glynn, PhD
  • 2015–16 Timothy P. Carmody, PhD
  • 2014–15 Femina Varghese, PhD
  • 2013–14 Anne Klee, PhD
  • 2011–12 Linda P. Bodie, PsyD
  • 2010–11 Steven C. Norton, PhD
  • 2009–10 Robert Morgan, PhD
  • 2008–09 Timothy J. Lawler, PhD
  • 2005–06 Dolly C. Sadow, PhD
  • 2003–04 Robert D. Kerns, PhD
  • 1999–2000 Joel A. Dvoskin, PhD
  • 1989–90 Rodney R. Baker, PhD

Learn More About Our Rich History

Baker, R. R. (2013). The history of the Division of Psychologists in Public Service (1946–2006). Psychological Services, 10(3), 353-358.


For inquiries regarding Div. 18’s history, contact Timothy Carmody, PhD

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