Lorraine Williams Greene Award for Social Justice


Sponsor: Division 18


Lorraine Williams Greene was an active member of APA and served on the Council of Representatives, representing Div. 18. While on council, she provided consultation to the Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs and served as a member at large on the Women's Caucus. She was also a member of Divisions 45 and 56. Greene was board certified in police and public safety psychology. She also served on the executive boards of the American Board of Police and Public Safety Psychology, the Council of Organizations in Police Psychology, and held leadership positions in the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Association of Black Psychologists, and the American Red Cross. In 2014, she was awarded a Presidential Citation for her service to law enforcement and making sure that those who protect us receive quality mental health care. In her position as director of behavioral health at the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, Greene devoted her career to working with police and public safety personnel and their families. She worked to develop and implement a training program aimed at reducing the risk factors that affect police families and promoting the protective factors that lead to resiliency. Greene believed in equal treatment for all people regardless of background and she conducted presentations on racial profiling and bias-based policing. She was dedicated to preventing voter suppression and was an advocate for African American male youth through local initiatives and national events, spearheaded by a number of national women’s organizations. 


This award recognizes an individual who:

  • exemplifies Lorraine Williams Greene's lifetime of multifaceted activities devoted to providing assistance to all those on whom the justice system has a life-altering effect;
  • has demonstrated noteworthy service to the persons who bear the weight of the justice system (community members, youth, the seriously mentally ill, and victims of crime), as well as service to those charged with administering the scales of justice (police, correction and probation officers, judges, and other government officials);
  • has demonstrated service to professional psychology through activities on boards and committees, and in local and/or national psychological and social justice organizations.
How to Apply

To submit a nomination for this award, please provide the following:

  • a letter of nomination that describes and supports the individual's contributions to public safety and social justice (e.g., nature of the individual's service to public mental health, positions held)
  • curriculum vitae
  • two additional letters of support

Submit nomination materials to  Tiffanie Fennell by May 1, 2023.

Past Recipients




Apryl Alexander, PsyD




Jessica L. Murkami-Brundage, PhD


Guy Seymour


Thomas M. Kirchberg, PhD, ABPP

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