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Div. 18 Committee on Policy and Advocacy is focused on advancing psychology and psychologists in public service, with a special emphasis on promoting policies that are social justice oriented. As part of Div. 18 (Psychologists in Public Service), this committee responds to the needs of the public in areas such as psychological practice, research, training, and policy formation. The committee is dedicated to providing education on how to integrate psychology and advocacy as well as resources on how psychologists can advocate at individual, community, and federal levels. This includes helping psychologists to:

  • Apply psychological knowledge to address barriers to physical and mental health care.
  • Promote social inclusion, self-agency, and empowerment in public service settings.
  • Address and reduce mental health stigmatization.
  • Reduce the experience of injustice and discrimination in public service settings.
  • Enhance community partnerships and work with professional or governmental agencies.

Some of our efforts thus far have included:

  • In progress

  • Hunt, M. G., Miller, R. A., Stacy, M. A., Lynam, S., & Carr, E. R. (2020). Public servant, silent servant: A call to action for advocacy training in public service settings. Psychological Services, 17(S1), 37–43.
  • Marshall-Lee, E. D., Hinger, C., Popovic, R., Miller Roberts, T. C., & Prempeh, L. (2020). Social justice advocacy in mental health services: Consumer, community, training, and policy perspectives.  Psychological Services, 17(S1), 12–21.
Date created: November 2020