President: Jennifer Snyder*

President-elect: Tiffanie Fennell*

Past President: Jack Tsai*

Secretary: Chanda Graves*

Treasurer: Layne Goble* 

Section Chairs

Community and State Hospitals: Jessica Murakami-Brundage*

Criminal Justice: Ashley Batastini*

Police & Safety: Shauna Laughna*

Psychologists in Indian Country: Tina Lincourt*

Serious Mental Illness: Emilia R. Brown*

Veterans Affairs: Gayle Iwamasa*

APAGS Rep: Ashlee Martlage*

APA Council Reps

Cluster Chairs

Education: Steve Genden*

Membership: Shaynna Herrera*

Communication: Shannon Griswold*


Fellowship Chair: Jeremy Mills

Continuing Education Chair: Abby Powers Lott

Journal: Patrick DeLeon

Newsletter: Loise King Waller and Brandon Scott

Convention: Sarah Robertson and Katie Davenport 

Conference: Vacant

Historian: Tim Carmody

Webmaster (Communication): Shannon Griswold

Diversity Committee: Astrea Greig and Valene Whitaker

Federal Advocacy Coordinator: Gil Sanders

Liaison to CAPP: Christopher Loftis

Policy & Advocacy Committee: Jennifer Doran and Erica Lee

Social Media Chair: Jessica Price

*Voting Member

Last updated: September 2020Date created: October 2011
Public Service Psychology