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We all might know of people that have positively influenced us in one way or another and if we are lucky, they have left a profound and lasting impression on our lives. Psychologist leaders, in particular, have the ability to inspire others on both micro and macro levels — on an individual basis to a systemic level reaching thousands of people through public policy and advocacy, which is truly remarkable. How does this happen? How do psychologists become leaders and develop exquisite career paths and a curriculum vitae (CV) chock full of notable achievements? What about psychologists devoted to public service, such as with APA Div. 18 members — how do these particular psychologists move up the ranks of leadership to reach and empower the masses?

These might be some of the questions we have all pondered at some point in our lives. In fact, Div. 18 president, Anne Klee, PhD, was inspired herself after speaking with Arthur Evans, Jr., PhD, during an APA convention and after reading a post on the Div. 18 email list created by Pat Deleon, PhD, JD (former APA president and editor of Psychological Services) about how Evans' career evolved. Klee took her experiences and turned them into opportunities for trainees, leaders and Div. 18 members. As a result, Members-in-Action was born. The Members-in-Action initiative links students to psychologist leaders, whereby the student proceeds in conducting interviews and writing up not only the leaders' accomplishments but the story or the person behind the CV as well.

If you would like to interview one of our many accomplished members, please email Jodi Bremer-Landau.


Date created: 2014