Div. 18 Email Lists

Members of Div. 18 have two ways of receiving information about division news via email lists: Pubserv and PubservDirect.

Pubserv is a traditional email list that allows for member response. This list is a forum for ideas, and if you have an item for discussion, you may post directly to this address: PUBSERV@lists.apa.org. When you joined Div. 18 you were asked to opt in or out of this email list.

PubservDirect requires postings to be approved, and is therefore restricted to one-way announcements only. Upon joining Div. 18, you are automatically added to this list. Announcements are sent less than monthly without member response; Most members prefer this email list as it allows them to stay connected without the burden of multiple and often overwhelming responses to a post. Currently there are over 1,500 members on this list. The address is PUBSERVDIRECT@lists.apa.org.

Electronic media improves communication and conserves division resources; we hope that you will maintain your membership to at least one of these email lists. However, if you chose to leave either or both you may simply send an email from your registered email account with "sign off" in the subject line and body of the message. Conversely, if you would like to join either of the lists OR need to update your email address, again, send a message to the respective list address (PubservDirect for announcements only, Pubserv for interactive postings) with "subscribe" in the subject line and body.

Date created: 2012
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