Benefits of Membership

The Division 18 annual membership dues are $49 (USD) for Full Member, Associate Members, and Affiliate Members; and $25 (USD) for Student Affiliates. Membership dues include a subscription to the Division 18 Journal, Psychological Services, and the Division 18 newsletter.

Full Member, Associate Members, and Affiliate Members

  • Find a place to network with other like minded psychologists

  • Find a forum to hear and discuss research in the public sector

  • Find a forum for special initiatives within the public sector

  • Find a place to advocate for services for your customers

  • Find a source of information about what is happening nationally in public service organizations

  • Find new ways to enhance professional development

  • Find a division that focuses on the unique needs of public service psychologists

  • Find “a home”

Student Affiliates

  • Are you interested in health psychology?

  • Are you interested in forensic psychology?

  • Are you interested in neuropsychology?

  • Are you interested in the treatment of substance abuse?

  • Are you interested in receiving mentoring from a seasoned psychologist?

  • Are you interested in being part of an organization that represents many internship sites?

Member Benefits

  • Receiving the quarterly journal Public Service Psychology

  • Taking part in the new Diversity Task Force

  • Joining the Mentoring Program where you can gain wisdom and guidance from a “seasoned” psychologist with related interests

Division Sections

  • Community and State Hospital Psychologists Section

  • Criminal Justice Section

  • Police and Public Safety Section

  • Psychologists in Indian Country

  • Veterans Affairs

Date created: 2011