• Newly Elected Div. 18 Fellows

    Congratulations to Gary Fischler, Herbert Gupton and Jack Tsai, who were elected to fellow status in 2018.
  • Bylaws Amendments

    Div. 18 committee has proposed several bylaw amendments. A PDF version of the clean, current bylaws as well as a version that highlights the proposed changes are available on the Psychologists in Public Service: Division Bylaws page.  Reminder: Please vote for the bylaws revisions by Aug. 9, 2018.
  • Robert Goldberg, PhD Former APA Div. 18 President Robert Goldberg, PhD, passed away March 2018 after a long illness. Dr. Goldberg was active in our division and most recently served as the chair of our Fellowship Committee and division historian. In addition to his contributions to our division, he had a long career in the VA and mentored many of our division members.

    Obituary info and condolence book are available online.


127th APA Annual Convention
Aug. 8-11, 2019