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Ashley B. Batastini, PhD In Division 18, we often say public service work is a calling. This calling is what unites the members of our division. If you’re visiting our webpage, it may be calling you! Psychologists in Public Service represents an incredibly diverse group of practitioners, researchers, educators, and other professionals allied by our shared desire to serve those who are underserved and often marginalized. We also have a rich history of placing social justice issues and advocacy at the forefront of our work. Importantly, you’ll not only find highly accomplished but also personable people to further ignite your passion for public service. Welcome!

The heart of Division 18 is our special interest sections, which includes:

  1. Community and State Hospitals
  2. Criminal Justice
  3. Police and Public Safety
  4. Psychologists in Indian Country
  5. Serious Mental Illness-Severe Emotional Disturbance
  6. Students
  7. Veterans Affairs

Each of these sections has their own leadership and ways of engaging members such as email listservs, section gatherings, webinars, and social media. As a Division 18 member, you have open access to our special interest sections. Involvement in these sections is a great way to network, get more involved in service, amplify your voice in the profession, and be recognized for your work. Our Diversity Committee and Policy and Advocacy Committee also work hard to keep our division’s core values and mission a priority. Beyond the information you’ll find on our webpage, connect with us on Twitter and Facebook and be sure to tune into our weekly podcast series, Public Service Psychology Now hosted by Dr. Tanecia Blue.

This year, we give our immense gratitude to Dr. Pat DeLeon for his direction and dedication to our flagship journal, Psychological Services (impact factor = 3.097), and welcome Dr. Lisa Kearney as the incoming editor-in-chief. Kearney previously served as one of the journal’s associate editors and has been a longtime member of Division 18. We are thrilled to have Kearney in this role and look forward to supporting her forward-thinking ideas for increasing the visibility and influence of our already popular journal. Psychological Services has a tradition of spotlighting practical and data-driven ways to improve service delivery and outcomes across public service sectors. We are also pleased to select our first-ever recipients of the American Psychological Foundation Division 18 Grant. A vision of Past-President Dr. Linda Richardson, this grant opportunity provides support to graduate or early career professionals in the categories of research and professional development.

My presidential initiatives broadly focus on increasing visibility, collaboration, and activism across Division 18 so we can collectively be of greater value and benefit to our members and the communities we all serve. I promise to be a proactive, conscientious, and compassionate leader who listens to the needs of the division and makes every effort within my authority to meet those needs. It is my honor and privilege to serve Division 18 as president.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with your questions, comments, concerns, or ideas. I look forward to your involvement in Division 18.

Ashley B. Batastini, PhD
Division 18 President 2022–23

Last updated: August 2022Date created: August 2018