Welcome to the Division 18 APA 2020 convention webpage.

This page will give you the information that you need for this year’s unique APA virtual convention, Aug. 6–8. You will find information about Div. 18 programming, CE opportunities, section business meetings, committee meetings, and the Div. 18 business meeting. Please contact Div. 18 if you have questions about Div. 18 programming at APA 2020.

Please view our Division 18 APA Convention Program Booklet (PDF, 2MB) for the following information:

  • Zoom meeting IDs and passwords, as well as links
  • Virtual Hospitality Suite schedule
  • Poster presentation schedule
  • Div. 18 programs and collaborative programs

Watch our Div. 18 chair, Jack Tsai, PhD, deliver a welcome message for the APA 2020 conference and Div. 18 contributions.

Featured programs

  • Div. 18 Presidential Address
  • Div. 18 Diversity Committee Dialogue on Racism, Police Violence, and Public Service
    Friday, Aug. 7, 2020, 6–7 p.m. EST
  • Div. 18 Business Meeting and Awards Ceremony
    Saturday, Aug. 8, 2020, 4–5 p.m. EST
    Please register prior to this event.           

Home Study Continuing Education Courses

APA Approved Sponsor logo The home study courses below are from recordings that are available on the APA Convention 2020 virtual platform. Division 18 is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. Division 18 maintains responsibility for this program and its content. Please contact the Division 18 program chair with any questions.


  • View the entire webinar on the APA virtual platform.
  • Complete the corresponding post-test questions. Pass the post-test with at least a 70 percent score.
  • Complete the corresponding program and faculty evaluation.
  • Email the Division 18 program chair once you have completed the course to ensure timely review of your submissions and CE credit.
  • Once reviewed by a Division 18 representative, you will receive your CE certificate via email.

Available courses

Promoting Posttraumatic Growth Among Women Working in Majority-Male Emergency Response Professions

Program presenters: Mark Kamena, PhD ABPP; Kristen Faye Burda, MA; Ashland Thompson, PsyD (with Gargi Roysircar, EdD as co-author); Libbi Palmer, PsyD; Rebecca Kopper, BS

About the program: Presenters explore the effective, culturally competent treatment of posttraumatic stress in female first responders, including methods to promote posttraumatic growth among women working in disaster response, law enforcement, and fire service.

Learning objectives

  • Describe three ways that gender dynamics impact the development of posttraumatic stress injury among female first responders working in majority-male professions.
  • Plan effective interventions to reduce symptoms of post-traumatic stress and promote post-traumatic growth among women working in emergency response in a culturally sensitive way.

Course details
CE Credit: 1.0 hours
Recorded webinar is found on the APA Catalyst Platform
Post test link
Program and Faculty Evaluation

Assessing and Disarming Identity-Based Harassment in Public Healthcare Settings

Program Presenters: Katharine Lacefield, PhD, ABPP; Lynette Adams, PhD;  Lindsey Cooper, PsyD; Christina Goodwin, PhD; and Solara Calderon, PhD

About the program: Cultural identity-based harassment (sexual, racial/ethnic, sexual orientation, gender, religion, etc.) remains a pervasive issue within Veterans Affairs (VA). Thus, it is critical for clinicians within the VA system to continue to think and talk about ways to address this problem. Within the scope of this panel proposal, emphasis will be placed on the experience of identity-based harassment among mental health trainees and research personnel, as well as addressing ideas for how supervisors, supervisees, and institutions can foster an environment that promotes safety and respect.

Learning objectives

  • Assess trainees’ experiences of harassment in the work place utilizing an online questionnaire.
  • Develop and implement a top-down intervention to reduce participant-perpetrated harassment in research settings.
  • Concretely and practically respond in a purposeful and empowered way to inappropriate behaviors and harassment.
  • Address strategies at the institutional level to change the culture of a system at large.

Course details
CE Credit:
Program and Faculty Evaluation

Date created: August 2020