Student representative’s corner

Expanding opportunities for student involvement in section activities.

By Nicole R. Gross

While serving as your student representative, I have had the opportunity to grow personally and professionally by connecting with and working alongside the section’s officers and ad hoc committee members, and it is my goal as the CJ section student representative to make such opportunities readily available to all students.

I began by focusing our efforts on the following three areas:

  • Increasing social/networking opportunities — coordinated the 1st annual networking luncheon to encourage contact between students and professionals at the APA Convention.
  • Enhancing the campus representative program — recruiting campus representatives to involve students at a local level and provide information to new members.
  • Connecting with students outside our division — collaborating with Division 41’s student section on conference programming and sharing relevant information/resources.

I encourage you all to get involved and take advantage of these opportunities. You can start by visiting the CJ section’s Facebook page to connect with other students and professionals by engaging in dialogue and the sharing of ideas/information relevant to the field. Participating in section events and activities at conferences is also an easy way for students to get connected, so I encourage you to submit your research to upcoming conferences and attend presentations and socials while there.

These are just a few activities that offer opportunities for students to become more acquainted with professionals who have careers that we all aspire to achieve. You might be pleasantly surprised to see how approachable and eager professionals in our section are to offer guidance and mentorship to students!

Best of luck to all of you this spring semester!