Leaders and announcements

Listing of Criminal Justice Section leaders, ad hoc committee members, upcoming conferences and new officers.

By Melody C. Brown and Shannon Griswold, PsyD
Criminal Justice Section Leaders and Ad Hoc Committee Members
  • Femina P. Varghese, PhD, Chair
  • Jon Mandracchia, PhD, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Shannon Griswold, PsyD, Newsletter Co-editor
  • Melody C. Brown, BM, Newsletter Co-editor and Facebook Manager
  • Miranda Faust, PsyD, Email List Manager
  • Nicole Gross, MA, Student Representative
  • Lauren Lussier, PsyD, Co-Chair of Awards Committee
  • Tess M.S. Neal, PhD, Co-Chair of Awards Committee
Other members of the Ad hoc Committee
  • La Nita Elias, PsyD
  • Erica Fitzgerald, PhD
  • Jeffrey J. Haun, PsyD
  • Sarah Manchak, PhD
  • Abigail Tucker, PsyD
Upcoming Conference

North American Correctional and Criminal Justice Psychology Conference, 2015, Ottawa, Canada

Introducing our New Elected Officers
  • Shelia Brandt, PsyD, LP, Incoming Chair Criminal Justice Section
  • Abigail Tucker, PsyD, Incoming Secretary/TreasurerCriminal Justice Section