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Message from the chair

Div. 18’s Criminal Justice Section chair introduces this edition and gives outgoing message.

By Femina P. Varghese, PhD

This is my last column as Div. 18’s Criminal Justice Section chair, and I must say that I have enjoyed the last two years serving you, the members of this wonderful section. I am also excited to hand the reins over to the capable hands of Shelia Brandt, PsyD, the newly elected chair of the section. I trust that Brandt and Dr. Abigail Tucker, PsyD, the newly elected secretary/treasurer, will do a fantastic job and continue to move the section forward. I am also happy to serve the division in my new role as president-elect.

While my term is ending, what I hope does not end is your active participation. In fact, I hope it will only increase, particularly among those yet to serve. While membership is good, service is better. You get the most when you give. Through service you meet great people, gain valuable experience and stretch your skills in new and innovative ways. Therefore, I want to ask you to give by serving the section and the division. There are a variety of ways to serve including inviting others to join, sharing your expertise and serving on a committee, among countless other ways. Find a way to give — I doubt you will regret it.

Talking about sharing expertise, I do want to thank those who wrote the columns for this summer edition. This issue offers timely and relevant articles from leading experts in the field. Philip Magaletta, PhD, Chief of Clinical Education and Workforce Development for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, has co-authored with Jennifer Cermak a valuable article on core qualities of correctional psychologists. Further, Yossef Ben-Porath, PhD, the co-author of the MMPI-RF, has written an informative column on the MMPI-RF and validity for forensic assessments. Finally, we are also thankful for the expertise of Dr. Martin Sellbom, PhD, who has written an insightful column on personality disorders and the DSM-V. As a special treat to you, we have continued our spotlight section, and this time the spotlight is on a long-time member and a past president of Div. 18, Stanley Brodsky, PhD, one of the most prolific and accomplished researchers in forensic psychology.

My greatest pleasure as section chair has been working with a talented group of early career professionals and student members, including each of the members of the Criminal Justice section ad-hoc committee as well as the section secretary/treasurer, Jon Mandracchia, PhD. The success of the last two years is owed largely to this group, who were willing to give and implement their creative ideas. I especially want to thank Melody Brown and Shannon Griswold for their excellent work as co-editors of The Gavel. They have done a remarkable job as our first co-editors, and I am proud of their work as I know you are as well. I hope this excellence will only continue. You will also appreciate the work of the other members of the committee who are featured in this edition of The Gavel. They have provided helpful and practical advice on topics as diverse as the predoctoral internship process, conducting research in prisons, and mentoring.

Finally, I want to cordially invite each of you who are attending APA to come to the Criminal Justice Section Social Hour Friday, Aug. 2, from 3 to 4 p.m. in the Div. 18 Hospitality Suite (Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort). Thank you to Nicole Gross for organizing this event. I would love to meet you and this gives you the opportunity to meet some of the wonderful people who make this section great.

Enjoyed serving you,
Femina P. Varghese, PhD