Graduate student awards – Opportunities for recognition

Several awards are available to students for early recognition of achievement.

By Nicole R. Gross

As a student affiliate of APA, Division 18, and the Criminal Justice Section, you have access to an array of resources to help with your training, clinical practice, research activities, and overall professional development. Awards available to graduate students are often overlooked opportunities that offer additional support and recognition.

Many graduate students are engaged in work that makes a significant impact on public service psychology and goes above and beyond the requirements of their graduate programs. For students in the Criminal Justice Section of Division 18, this may include advocating for the mental health needs of individuals in criminal justice settings, working with underserved criminal justice populations, or conducting research that impacts the knowledgebase of the field. Several awards are available and the following are a great place to start:

Criminal Justice Section Awards
  • Outstanding Psychology Student Award
    Open to graduate students who have excelled in their clinical and/or research experience with the criminal justice population such that they have exceeded the expectations of their developmental level.
  • Outstanding Dissertation Award
    Given to a student who has defended their dissertation that is related to the criminal justice populations. Defense must have been complete within 18 months of the application deadline.

See more details on how to apply and/or be nominated. 

Division 18 Award

Outstanding Student Award
Recognizes graduate students whose careers reflect excellence in the area of public service, and have made outstanding contributions to public service through research, teaching, program development, and/or clinical practice.

See more details on eligibility requirements and how to be nominated.

APA Awards

Early Graduate Student Researcher Award
Sponsored by the APA Science Student Counsel, this award recognizes outstanding research complete by students within the first two years of their graduate program.

See more details on eligibly requirements and how to apply.

Other Awards

You can also search for awards and other types of funding available through APA, APAGS and APA divisions.