Message from the Chair

Welcome to the new chair

Kate Morris’s farewell and Ashley Batastini’s warm welcome!
By Kate Morris, PsyD, and Ashley B. Batastini

Hello colleagues and friends,

I hope you are all enjoying the last pieces of your summers. I hope everyone who attended APA in Chicago enjoyed it! It was wonderful to meet everyone who attended the CJ section social, and I was so pleased to take the opportunity to acknowledge our section award winners. I would like to extend a large thank-you to Erika Carr (Community and State Hospitals Section) for the establishment of such great programming for the division.

I also couldn’t be more excited to hand over the chair responsibilities to Ashley Batastini. She has been very active in the division for years, and I’m certain has the energy and ideas to continue to grow and support the section. 

Take care,

Colleagues, Students and Future Members:

I’m so excited to serve you as the Criminal Justice Section chair for the 2019-2021 term! For those of you who don’t know me, I have been a member of Div. 18 for nearly 10 years. I also previously served as the CJ section secretary/treasurer and am a current member of the editorial board for Psychological Services. I’m honored to be following the leadership of Kate Morris and hope to serve you well over these next two years.

I’m also thrilled to introduce you to the rest of our wonderful section team who will no doubt make important contributions to the section and its mission. First, I couldn’t be happier to have Shannon Griswold as our secretary/treasurer. Many of you have likely heard of Shannon, as she has also been a highly active member of the division. Next, we have two new student representatives: Ashley Bozeman (University of Southern Mississippi) and Faith Scanlon (Texas Tech University). Both are super smart graduate students in counseling psychology. If you aren’t already following the section on Facebook and Twitter, don’t miss out on another minute! Ashley and Faith will be posting special announcements and current events to keep us all up to date. With the recent revival of The Gavel, I’m also excited to welcome Natalie (Tallie) Armstrong as the senior editor and Ashley Jones as the student editor. They will put together an excellent issue for you! I hope some of you will consider applying for the additional volunteer positions we’ve created (see announcement within this issue).

I have a running list of ideas that I hope will be of interest to you; however, I encourage open communication from you all. Please do not hesitate to call or email me with any questions, comments or concerns. And, if you have your own ideas for increasing recruitment, advocacy or topics you’d like to learn more about, send them my way. We’re here to make the section work for you and the populations you serve. Thank you for all you do to make the world a safer, more humane place.