A message from the APAGS representative

The APAGS representative discusses ideas for student programming for the 2011 convention, the Division 18 mentoring program, and focusing on student-specific concerns at the next Division 18 Mid-winter Meeting

By Abigail Bernett, MA

Greetings and happy holidays Division 18 students, I hope your semesters, internship applications, et cetera are wrapping up nicely. I was pleased with the opportunity to interact with many of you at the annual APA convention in August, and would like to say thank you to those who were involved with the various Division 18 programs. I am already developing ideas for student programming for the 2011 convention and would appreciate any feedback or suggestions on what would be useful for students, or what students would be interested in attending. Regarding the mentoring program, we have received positive feedback from several of the graduate students and early career psychologists who are taking part in the program.

For those who are not familiar with the mentoring program, the program connects students with an established psychologist working in the student’s area of interest. I am pleased that the program is continuing to grow as additional students get involved, and I continue to encourage anyone who is interested to contact me. We are still looking for students to help out with the Division 18 Facebook page, and are looking for student representatives to post and manage content related to the Police and Public Safety, State and Community Hospital, Psychologists in Indian Country, and Veterans Affairs sections.

Lastly, I will be participating in the Division’s annual mid-winter meeting for the executive committee in the near future. This meeting is a great opportunity for me to address any student-specific needs or concerns with the executive committee. If there is anything you would like brought up at the meeting please contact me.