Diversity Task Force

The task force discusses their monthly meetings, working with APAGS, a symposium they are conducting during the APA convention, and a new task force web page

By Monica Roy, PhD

It has been a busy year for the Division 18 Diversity Task Force. We have been conducting monthly meetings to continue on-going projects as well as initiating new projects. This year, the Diversity Task Force has continued to reinvigorate the Division 18 mentoring program that was developed in 2007. Working closely with APAGS representative Abigail Bennett, six mentor/mentee matches have been made. We are looking forward to receiving feedback about the program and hope that this program helps to provide guidance to potential new public service psychologists.

At this year’s APA convention in San Diego, the Diversity Task Force will be conducting the symposium “Promoting Multiculturalism in the Public Service Sector.” This symposium will involve a review of challenges faced by each of the five sectors od Division 18 in creating culturally healthy work environments and providing culturally-competent healthcare that celebrates differences in beliefs and values. The presenters represent the Community and State Hospital section (Patricia Alexander, PhD), the VA section (Edgardo Padin, PhD), Indian Territory (Joe Stone, PhD), and the Criminal Justice section (Pam Morris, PhD). In their presentations, speakers will review diversity initiatives of each sector to promote recruitment of early career psychologists, networking strategies, career growth and advancement in leadership positions for various ethnicities and cultures. Audience members will be invited to comment and ask questions of the panel of speakers following presentations. This symposium is scheduled for Thursday, August 12th, 2010, from 9 a.m. –  9:50 a. m., and will be in San Diego Convention Center, Room 32A.

Finally, a current project that is underway is a Diversity Task Force webpage that will be linked to the Division 18 website, Items that have been proposed for the webpage include: information for division members about the task force and upcoming diversity related events, and links to important diversity related references. For more information about the Diversity Task Force, any of the projects that we are working on, or if you are interested in joining our efforts please contact Monica Roy. [monicaroy@hotmail.com]