A message from the editors

The new editors acknowledge the hard work of the previous editor, Dr. Wall, and discuss the many insightful submissions that are published in this issue

By Marcia Baruch, PhD, and Victor Wolski, PhD

As we take the torch from Dr. Jacqueline Remondet Wall, we want to thank her for continuing assistance through her mentorship and guidance to ensure the distribution and success of the newsletter. Although it will be very difficult to follow in her footsteps, the wonderful articles submitted and membership support definitely make the transition somewhat easier. While perusing previous Division 18 newsletters, it is apparent that “change” has been a recurring theme, and it continues to be so. With change comes a new focus and a new direction for the future. The Division’s president, Dr. Steve Norton provides an update on important executive committee decisions, while Dr. Linda Bodie, President-Elect, presents a vision on our role as public health psychologists and Dr. Pat DeLeon reports on issues relative to the future of health care reform. Additional articles also update the membership on relevant issues and future directions for the Division, and for APA in general.

So again, as we continue to move the newsletter forward, we are excited about getting to know you all through emails, conversations, and/or your informative articles. We welcome everyone’s advice, suggestions or comments.

Have a wonderful holiday and New Year.