President's column

The new president discusses her 2012 goals for the division including participation in the APA Annual Convention in August, launching a new division Website, and the renewal of the division journal publishing contract with APA

By Linda Bodie, PsyD

As I write my first report as President, Division 18, I look forward to a busy, exciting year with the Division. It was great seeing so many of you at the APA Convention in Washington, DC this past August. If you weren’t one of the 13,000 who attended, you really missed an exceptional Convention. Thanks to Dr. Jacquie Wall for planning and organizing an outstanding Division 18 program. In addition, Jacquie worked hard to promote the variety of Division 18 events. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to introduce the sessions and to give a short “plug” for Division 18. The Division 18 Suite was the host of several other activities, which were well attended and generated very positive feedback. I enjoyed attending all of the Section Meetings. Congratulations to the new Section Chairs and other officers:

  • Criminal Justice: Femina Vargese, PhD

  • Police & Public Safety: Susan Saxe-Clifford, PhD

  • Psychologists in Indian Country: Jacque Gray, PhD

Jim Regan, PhD continues as Chair, Community & State Hospital and Anne Klee, PhD continues as Chair, VA Section. Lorraine W. Greene, PhD continues as APA Council Representative and Dolly Sadow, PhD was elected as our new APA Council Representative. Chris Romani was elected as the APAGS Representative and Mary Jansen, PhD is serving as the Interim Chair, Seriously Mentally Ill Section, which is in the developmental process. Can you believe that it is time to think about next year’s Convention in Orlando, Fl August 2-5, 2012? We hope to have a grand turnout of Division 18 members and a lot of submissions for proposals/symposia, etc. The deadline for submitting a proposal is December 1, 2011. It will be here before
you know it!

We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Howard Steinberg has agreed to serve with Dr. Jay Supnick as 2012 APA Convention Co-Chair. Under the leadership of the new Program Chairs, I am confident that the programming will again be stimulating and interesting. APA is making an effort to engage younger psychologists and those who may have small children. The Board of Convention Affairs and the Committee on Early Career Psychologists collaborated to design a family area and provide child-friendly activities for the Convention in DC. As a result, there were a record number of families and younger psychologists. I expect this trend to continue, especially since the Convention will be in family-friendly Orlando. This fits nicely with one of my initiatives for this year, which includes increasing our membership of Early Career Psychologists. We are in the process of brainstorming ideas for the future, including providing incentives for students and early career psychologists to attend the APA Convention. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know. I hope that you will plan to attend APA in Orlando and bring the kids!

I am happy to announce the Executive Committee approved the renewal of the publishing services contract with APA for our journal, Psychological Services. The journal has proven to be very successful, well respected and financially solvent. The Division will receive significant royalty payments for journal operations and is expected to enjoy a very promising future. Our sincere thanks to the Editor, Dr. Patrick DeLeon and the Associate Editors, Drs. Michi Fu, Leon Green, Lisa K. Kearney, Philip R. Magaletta, and Morgan T. Sammons for their commitment to excellence in publishing relevant, stimulaitng and high quality articles. We invite you to submit your manuscripts supporting evidenced-based treatment outcomes, program evaluations, theoretical papers, empirical studies, etc.

Dr. Robert Goldberg, Chair Fellowship Committee, is encouraging submissions of nominations for fellowship status. Contact Bob with your nomination. Self-nominations are welcome. On November 1, 2011, the 2011 apportionment ballot to determine the composition of the Council of Representatives for the 2013 legislative year will be mailed to all members. Each eligible voter is allowed ten votes that may be allocated to any division, state, provincial or territorial association. We need you to give all 10 of your votes to Division 18 to enable us to maintain a voice in APA. Remember, 10 for 18!

Our Webmaster, Dr. Kellie Condon, is working diligently with APA in a migration process for our Division 18 Website. This appears to be a complex process, but the end result will be a vast improvement in our Website – stay tuned! And thank Kellie for her commitment to this important project!

One of my Presidential initiatives is to raise the awareness of Division 18 members of the importance of addressing tobacco use in your professional practice. Whether you are in academia, state or community hospitals, VHA, criminal justice, or working with the seriously mentally ill population, tobacco use cuts across all domains. Quitting tobacco is the single best thing a person can do for his/her health. It is up to us, as psychologists, to help our patients with this deadly addiction. Have you asked your clients/patients/Veterans about their tobacco use today?

Happy Fall to all!