Past president's column

The Division 18 Past President reminds all members to nominate deserving colleagues for recognition and this year's division awards

By Steve Norman, PhD

Awards and recognition

Do you know a Division 18 colleague who deserves these accolades? A colleague whose work and effort exemplifies the spirit of Psychologists in Public Service? Do these words perhaps even fit you? If so, Division 18 is announcing nominations for a number of Division awards. These awards are given to Division 18 members at various levels of their careers; some at the beginning, some near their zenith, some toward the end. The Division 18 awards represent a variety of work areas, some of these awards have been in existence for many years (Harold Hildreth Award began in 1965) some were first awarded only a few years ago (Mike Neale Award).

These awards are designed for Division 18 members and can span the wide professional range of Division members. Nomination statements would ideally include a brief history and current status of the nominee and rationale why the nominator believes the individual is deserving of the award. Self-nominations are welcomed. Nominating letters can be emailed directly to me . A committee of three to four division executive committee members will review the information and make a determination.

Nominating letters should be sent to me by June 15th, 2012. A decision will be announced by July 15th, and the awards presented during the APA 2012 convention, although award winners do not have to present. Here is a listing of the awards with a brief statement of criteria:

Harold Hildreth award

This award is the most prestigious award given by the division. It is an award of recognition of high achievement and many years of such achievement, for Public Service Psychology; an award to recognize excellence. Previous award recipients (see Division 18 website) have been leaders in the field of psychology.

The Early Career Achievement Award: Division members are encouraged to nominate individuals who have made outstanding contributions to public service through research, teaching, program development, and/or clinical practice and who are in the early stages (roughly within the first 5 years of graduation) of their career. The Distinguished Career Award. Division members are encouraged to nominate individuals who have made outstanding contributions to public service through research, teaching, program development, and/or clinical practice. These psychologist award winners have made an impact on Public Service Psychology.

The Outstanding Student Award: The student award can be for a graduate student or an individual currently completing their internship. This award recognizes dedication through education, training, and knowledge development for students focusing on Public Service Psychology. Program directors are encouraged to nominate deserving students., joint nominees are acceptable. The student award winner will receive a $750 award.

Students who are nominated but are not selected, will receive a Certificate of Merit from the Division. The Mike Neale award is the Division's newest award and in recognition of a long time Division leader Dr. Mike Neale who passed away a few years ago. Dr. Neal was a tireless advocate of Division 18 and worked within many areas of the Division, most prominently work for those individuals experiencing major mental illness. The Michael S. Neale Award will be presented to an individual whose commitment to serving individuals with serious mental illness is demonstrated in a body of work expressed through advocacy, research, program development and/or service delivery.

So, think of those colleagues whom work hard and measure up to these awards, I know there are many! Take a few minutes and let the Division know why the award should be given and then celebrate with congrats all those to whom awards are bestowed. These are YOUR awards and are an opportunity to profile OUR good works. Steve Norton, Division 18 Past-President and Chair of Awards Committee.