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Linda Bodie, outgoing Division 18 president, highlights the division's accomplishments over the past year, including formalizing a new section and planning for the upcoming fall conference.

By Linda Bodie, PsyD

As I write my last column as president, I am reflecting on the past year and I am struck by what a busy, remarkable year it has been. First of all, there have been several changes in the Executive Committee members. Dr. James Regan stepped down from his role as Community & State Hospital chair, turning over the reins to Dr. Jon Marrelli. Dr. Joseph Hansel replaced Dr. Lucas Shaw as Continuing Education chair. Dr. Erica Fitzgerald is replacing Dr. Jay Supnick as 2013 Convention co-chair and Dr. Lindsay Avritt will replace Dr. Kellie Condon as webmaster. Our sincere thanks go to Drs. Regan, Shaw, Supnick and Condon for their service to Division 18.

We recently received Division 18 elections results. Congratulations to the new officers:

  • Anne Klee, PhD — President-elect

  • Mary L. Bushnell, PhD — Secretary-treasurer

  • David Kazar, PhD — Communications chair

Thanks to Dr. Bret Moore for his service as secretary-treasurer and Dr. Pamela Fischer for serving as communications chair. Dr. Jacquie Wall will move into the presidential role. We also appreciate Drs. Gil Sanders, Raymond Folen, Luz Rivera for their willingness to run for office.

Some of the highlights of the year include:

  • Streamlining the application process to renew or apply for membership. The online application for new/renewal Division 18 membership is now functional and will take credit cards. Non-APA members or students should use the APA Division Membership Application and Renewal form. The application can also be printed and paid for by check, if anyone still has checks.
  • Amending the bylaws to remove the need for prospective members to be approved by the eecutive committee and permitting electronic voting for bylaws changes. I hope that everyone has received their ballots and voted. If you have not received your ballot, please email me.
  • Formalizing the new SMI/SED Section, led by Dr. Mary Jansen.
  • Revising Division 18 brochure (thanks to Dr. David Pilkey) to include information related to our newest Section, SMI/SED, and the new online application process
  • Sponsoring the 2012 National Multicultural Conference and Summit
  • Endorsing the petition for Police and Public Safety Psychologist to get specialty recognition from APA.
  • Renewing the contract for our journal, Psychological Services. The Journal continues to grow in its popularity and enjoys a very promising future. Thanks to the Editor, Dr. Patrick Deleon and the Associate Editors: Drs. Michi Fu, Lisa K. Kearney, Philip R. Magaletta, Morgan T. Sammons, J. Douglas McDonald and Leon Green for jobs well done! A special thanks to Dr. Green who is retiring and has been serving on the editorial board since soon after the journal’s inception.  
  • A very successful Association of VA Psychology Leadership Conference was held in San Antonio in April, 2012. APA President, Dr. Suzanne Bennett Johnson was one of the keynote speakers. Several of us enjoyed dinner with her, Dr. Randy Phelps, APA Deputy Executive Director for Professional Practice and Dr. Diane Elmore, Associate Executive Director APA Public Interest Government Relations Office. Dr. Phelps was presented the Patrick H. DeLeon Advocacy Award for the many years of tireless and outstanding work advocating for psychologists. Congratulation to Randy!
  • Dr. Dolly Sadow was appointed as the representative from Division 18 to participate in the APA Committee on Women in Psychology (CWP) Network. She will attend the CWP Network Meeting at the APA Convention in Orlando. One student and one early career person from the Division are also invited to participate in this networking opportunity. Let me know if you or if you know someone who is interested in attending.
  • Plans are underway for the Division 18 Fall Conference to be held on Oct. 12 in the Boston area. This promises to be an outstanding conference with Dr. Suzanne Bennett Johnson as the keynote speaker. Thanks go to Drs. Anne Klee and Guy Seymour for coordinating this.
  • Dr. Jay Supnick and Dr. Howard Steinberg have organized an outstanding program for the APA Convention August 2-5 in Orlando, Fla. In addition to the symposia, poster sessions, there are several exciting events in the Division 18 Suite. Look for further details in the Newsletter.

Finally, I want to say thanks to Dr. Steven Norton, outgoing past president, for his guidance, advice and wisdom. Even though he has been in Afghanistan the whole year, he has been very responsive to all of my emails and constant questions. Thanks, Steve!

It has been an honor to serve this year as Division 18 president. I look forward to seeing you in Orlando.