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President’s column

Thank you to the hard-working program chairs and journal editors, and preparing for next year's convention

By Jacqueline Remondet Wall, PhD

Greetings all! In preparing my first column as president of Di­vision 18, I am struck by the exemplary activity that is going on within the division. A fuller entry into this role has led me to become more aware of all of the positive work that is going on within the different sections and more broadly, the division as an entity. I want to share a few of these events with you, to recognize our colleagues who have been instrumental in these successes, and to invite you to participate in division events.

APA convention: The 120th annual meeting of the APA, held in August 2012 in Orlando, Fla., demonstrated the exceptional work in which members of our division are engaged. A special appreciation goes to Drs. Jay Supnick and Howard "Howie" Steinberg, the 2012 program chairs, for preparing an outstanding program. division program activities, both those within the formal convention program and those within the division hospitality suite, offered members in all of our sections the chance to learn of current research and practice within different public sector settings. Special thanks are also given to all who presented, and to those who reviewed programs, assisted with planning, promoted events and attended our division's program.

At convention, we had the opportunity to recognize members whose achievements are truly outstanding. The Harold Hildreth Award was given this year to Terence "Terry" Keane, PhD, for his work in research, practice, program development, training and advocacy within the VA system. Anne Klee, PhD, was recognized with the Mike Neale award for her work with persons experiencing serious mental illness. Leon Green, PhD was the recipient of the Distinguished Career Award for his work with the journal, Psychological Services and his professional accomplishments in the VA. Early career contributions were noted, as Zoe Proctor-Webb, PhD, PsyD was acknowledged with the Early Career Award. The student award was given to Jay Hamm, MA, with an honorable mention for student work given to Steven Proctor, MA.

Planning for the 2013 convention is underway. Howie Steinberg, PhD, and Erica Fitzgerald, PhD, are serving as program chairs for the meeting, which will be held in Honolulu from July 31 through August 4. Submissions for CE programs to be held at the convention are due by midnight, Nov. 5, 2012, and division program submissions (for poster presentations and symposia) are due November 16, 2012. There is a special APA presidential call for submissions that address services to our country's military veterans and their families. Please submit; I'm hoping to have a strong program from our division members. Also, please contact Howie and Erica (emails are listed later in this newsletter) if you are interested in serving as a submission reviewer — we need to have representatives from all of our sections to help form the program.

Section and division activities: During the 2012 convention, I was able to attend most division and section meetings. As activities are described elsewhere in this newsletter, I will not repeat information here. I would, though, like to recognize those who have recently been elected or appointed to leadership positions, since these folks will be instrumental in activities across the coming year.

New division officers and appointments
  • President-elect: Anne Klee, PhD
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Mary Lu Bushnell, PhD
  • CE chairperson: Joe Hansel, PhD
  • Member-at-large: Communications: David Kazar, PhD
New section chairs for 2012-2013  
  • Community and State Hospitals: Jon Marelli, PsyD
  • Psychologists in Indian Country: Joseph B. Stone, PhD
  • Serious Mental Illness/Severe Emotional Disturbance: Mary Jansen, PhD
  • Veterans Affairs: Tim Carmody, PhD
  • Lindsay Averitt, PsyD, HBC

Congratulations to all for being elected and thanks for serving the division.

Fall conference

Largely through the efforts of Anne Klee, PhD, the rest of the planning committee (Drs. David Pilkey, Shirley Glenn, Joseph Hansel, Lauren Lussier, Steven Nisenbaum, Monica Roy, Dolly Sadow, Guy Seymour, Howard Steinberg, PhD and me), the Division is hosting a second annual fall conference. Titled, Improving the Nation's Health: Public Service Psychology at the Forefront, the event is to be held on October 12, 2012, at the Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Mass. Featuring Dr. Suzanne Bennett-Johnson as the keynote, other presenters include Drs. Robert "Bob" Kerns, Gerard Bryant, Linda Bodie and Catherine Schuman. Although the event is still a few days away as I am writing this column, I am sure that it will be a resounding success.

Please join the group for planning next year's event.

Psychological Services: The Division 18 Executive Committee approved renewal with APA to continue publishing our journal, Psychological Services. The journal has continued to make great strides. In fact, Daniya Tamanderova, the Managing Director for the journal shares that Psychological Services is now listed in the "Social Sciences Citation Index of the Thomson Reuters (formerly ISI) Web of Science". She also related that the journal debuted with "an impact factor of 1.075"; a good indicator of the quality of manuscripts that are published in the periodical. In addition, the journal is available in Medline®, another honor. Ms. Tamendarova informs me that a minority, i.e. "20–25 percent" of the periodicals considered for this system are approved for indexing.

These two honors call for recognition of all involved. Those who have submitted manuscripts and those who have reviewed work (please see the journal for a list of the consulting editorial board), as well as those who manage the journal are to be commended. A special appreciation is made to the editor, Dr. Patrick DeLeon, the managing editor, Dr. Gary R. VandenBos, and Ms. Tamendarova. In addition, the associate editors, Drs. Michi Fu, Leon Green (who retired from the journal this year), Philip R. Magaletta, J. Douglas McDonald and Morgan T. Sammons, are also to be applauded for their commitment to the publication process. We have a successful publication.

Contribute to the future of the journal by submitting your work — there are special calls now for manuscripts to be considered for the following topics:

  • Mental Health Care Disparities with Underserved Populations (e.g., ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, etc.)
  • Secondary Trauma and Burnout
  • Children and Families Apart

For more information, visit Psychological Services or contact one of the associate editors.


Our new website is live! A very special thanks goes to Dr. Kellie Condon, who was an exceptional contributor to this process. Her work, which Dr. Lindsay Averitt has taken over, is the reason that our new site is working well. 

Division newsletter

Drs. Marcia Baruch and Victor Wolski both continue to give us up-to-date newsletters that offer information on new initiatives of the division and the sections, new articles published in the journal, book reviews and photo images. Send them news of events going on.

Division news

Very soon (on 11/1/12) or recently (depending on publication date of this newsletter), you will or will have received an apportionment ballot for the Council of Representatives. Please know that your vote contributes to the allocation of representatives across APA divisions and state, provincial or territorial associations. I am asking you to allocate all of your 10 votes for the division — this will help us keep our seats so that we can advocate for public sector psychology issues within the APA. Remember, 10 for 18!

Special announcement: Former Division 18 president, Dr. Joel Dvoskin, along with colleagues Jennifer Skeem, Raymond Novaco and Kevin Douglas, has completed a special initiative. This group has edited a book titled "Using Social Science to Reduce Violent Offending" (Oxford University Press, 2011.) Created through Joel's Presidential Initiative for Division 41 (American Psychology-Law Society, AP-LS), proceeds of the book's sales go to AP-LS. All are encouraged to read a free, downloadable, public policy briefing paper summarizing the book's recommendations.


One of my presidential initiatives is to examine our process for welcoming new members and to increase involvement. In addition, I hope to formalize some of our processes, so that new people coming on board will have information about the roles they are assuming. To accomplish these tasks, I will reach out to many of you. It's hard to believe that I have served in this role for two months; time passes by quickly.

In close, let me know how I can serve your needs.