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Student representative report

Meet students who are making contributions to the division

By Chris Romani

Hello Division 18 students, I wanted to take this newsletter and use it as way to introduce you to some new students who are making contributions to the division.

Nina Nassab has taken over the campus representative program from Shannon Griswold now that she has graduated. We are currently trying to make a recruiting push before the semester gets too busy, so if there is not a campus representative at your respective university, please recruit one. Anyone who is interested can email. The other thing we have done is developed a small information guide for people who are becoming campus representatives. That way, if a campus representative is mostly interested in the CJ section, they will have some understanding of what D18 is generally and what other populations we serve. This was mostly drawn together with information from the D18 webpage. If you would like a copy of this guide, you can email Nina or myself.

Also, for the Division 18 Facebook page I have found another student, April Evaro, who has been charged to consistently update the facebook page. Our attempt to make sure that the facebook page is updated two-three with a news story, conference or other related Division 18 thing. April has already been doing a great job of this and if you have no already please find us on Facebook. If this goes well, I would like for April to put together a bi/tri-weekly newsletter for the listserve with links to the most important public service stories over the past couple weeks.

Finally, I have division representatives for all the divisions but Community Mental Health. I am going to keep recruiting for this. In the mean time, if there is a student you know who is interested in becoming involved in Division 18, please have them contact me. I believe that these appointments can be cross-sectional as long as the student is willing and motivated to work. Relatedly, please make sure your student section reps are busy. If you are a student in a section of Division 18 and need information, if you don’t know who your section chair or student section representative is, please contact me.