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Fellowship committee report

Nine new fellows will be announced during the 2014 APA convention

By Abbie E. Goldberg

Nine new fellows of the division will be announced and recognized at the Div. 18 business meeting, to be held during the APA convention. Among these are three new initial fellows, final action upon whom will be taken at the APA Council of Representatives meeting the day prior to the convention. The other six are current fellows, already fellows in another division who have been elected to fellow status with us. Among the group are a number of true psychology superstars. Let me also disclose that the Lone Star State is a big winner this year so, podnuhs, don't miss this sentinel event.

Special thanks go to Fellowship Committee members Kathy McNamara, PhD, and Jeremy Mills, PhD, for their efforts in reviewing and evaluating the credentials of so many applicants this year. Let me add that we know of many more highly accomplished Div. 18 members who would be qualified for fellow status. The APA Fellows Committee now offers online application through the APA website, greatly streamlining the process. Interested members need no longer be deterred by the paperwork. The deadline for submission of all materials for the upcoming year is Friday, Dec. 5. We are looking forward to reviewing your credentials.