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President's column

Highlights of the past year include division webinars, and effort to increase involvement on APA committees and a robust social media presence

By Anne Klee, PhD

As my presidential year comes to a close, I am grateful to Jacquie Wall, PhD; Femina Varghese, PhD; Mary Lu Bushnell, PhD; Yolanda Perkins; the section chairs and other executive committee members for their wise counsel, support and many contributions. We were able to take on a number of initiatives this year due to the commitment and hard work of many members.

This past year, the division offered several free webinars to members with the option to purchase highly affordable continuing education credits. A special thank you to Maggie Chartier, PsyD; Layne Goble, PhD, and Jeff Haun, PsyD, for serving as the webinar committee co-chairs. In addition to three webinars on violence prediction and prevention, we hosted a webinar for student members on internships in public mental health, featuring John Beauvais, PhD (Veterans Affairs section), Chris Fore, PhD (Indian Country section), Phil Magaletta, PhD (Criminal Justice section) and Allison Ponce, PhD (Community and State Hospital section). Yolanda Perkins and I are grateful to all of our speakers for offering their insights and wisdom. In August, at the APA convention, we will host a similar session in the division suite for student members.

Many of us would like to see an increase in Public Service Psychology's presence on APA Committees. This year, we set up an exploratory group, a “Committee on Committees,” led by Bob Ax, PhD, who readily agreed that public mental health needs a voice in all aspects of APA. Bob quickly assembled members Mira Brancu, PhD; Dawn Cisewski, PsyD; Kathy McNamara, PhD; Ed Nightingale, PhD; Judy Patterson, PhD; Mike Tilus, PsyD and Jack Tsai, PhD.

In committee member Kathy McNamara's words: “Having been on various boards and committees of APA, including the board of directors, where I have brought the perspective of a psychologist working in the public sector, I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important it is for those of us whose professional lives are intertwined with public service to bring that view to the table at APA. The knowledge and views of public service psychologists are not well represented in the governance of APA, and your voice can make a difference.”

Together this group wrote and disseminated the “Div. 18 Guide to the APA Board and Committee Nomination/Election Process.” We also nominated several members to different APA boards and have been networking on their behalf. Div. 18 is also hosting an informal roundtable at the APA convention on Saturday, Aug. 9, from 10-11a.m. in the division's hospitality suite at the Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel. This event is an opportunity for Div. 18 members to learn about the process of getting nominated and elected to APA boards and committees. Through an invitation from Mira Brancu, PhD, Mary Hardiman, the director of board operations within the Governance Operations Department of the Practice Directorate, will join us. All are welcome. Other initiatives that we've been working on focus on Web development and social media. I am proud to announce that with the help of our student members and under the leadership of Jodi Bremer Landau, the Div. 18 webpage will shortly showcase Members in Action. Student members have interviewed accomplished members across the sections. These profiles are expected to go live in time for the convention. Be sure to check out the Div. 18 webpage.

Just as exciting, student members Katherine Taylor Lynch and Jodi Bremer Landau announced the launch of the VA section of APA Div. 18 on Facebook and Twitter. They assembled a great team of social media ambassadors that include Jack Tsai, Jessica Price, Josh Tal, Xiao Meng and Heather Sones, who will be posting on both websites. Student member Clarence Bonander has been managing Div. 18's Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. Please like all of our Facebook pages, follow us on Twitter and help spread the word to friends and colleagues

The division saw some committee leadership changes this past year. After three years of dedicated service as our membership chair, David Pilkey, PhD, passed the baton to Layne Goble, PhD, and Linda Richardson, PhD, who dove into their new roles by learning the membership system and planning new member recruitment and former member recruit-back initiatives. We are also grateful to Lindsay Avritt, PhD, for her years of service as our webmaster and representative to the APA Early Career Psychologists Network (ECPN). Jack Tsai, PhD, will serve as our new webmaster, and Shannon Griswold, PhD, and Amee Patel, PhD, are our new representatives to the ECPN. They are working on a poster presentation for the APA convention, profiling ECPs in leadership roles in our division and exploring ways the division can involve and support our ECPs. Lastly, we are indebted to Marcia Baruch, PhD, and Victor Wolski, PhD, for their years of dedication as our newsletter co-editors. This will be the inaugural newsletter for Paul Deal, PhD, and Tiffanie Fennell, PhD, the new co-editors.

The 2014 APA Annual Convention is just around the corner. Our convention co-chairs, Erica Fitzgerald, PhD, and Erica Lee, PhD, have done an outstanding job putting together an excellent program. In addition to several symposia and poster sessions, there will be a number of section and divisionwide meetings in the Div. 18 hospitality suite in the Grand Hyatt Washington Hotel. A Mimosa Mixer: Div. 18 Student Social Hour is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 7, at 5 p.m. following the internship panel. We hope all members will stop by to mingle with students and enjoy a cocktail. All members are also invited to the Psychological Services Editorial Board luncheon on Saturday, Aug. 9, at noon. These gatherings will all be held in the suite. The divisionwide meetings will take place at the Marriott Marquis Washington Hotel, Independence Salons B and C, starting at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 9. During the business meeting, we will also honor several members with division awards. Thank you to Jacquie Wall for overseeing the many details of the awards process and to members Mary Lu Bushnell, PsyD; Shannon Griswold, PsyD; Bret Moore, PsyD; Kathy McNamara, PhD; Steve Norton, PhD; Amee Patel, PhD; Ellen Scrivner, PhD, and Femina Varghese, PhD, for serving on different selection committees. At the business meeting, Bob Goldberg, PhD, the division's fellowship chair, will announce and recognize several members receiving fellowship status. The social hour will then run from 5-6 p.m.

I look forward to seeing many of you at APA. Safe travels.