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Veterans health care: history, challenges, and the future

A Div. 18 symposium offers insights into veterans' health care in the 21st century.

By Thomas W. Miller, PhD, ABPP

Innovations in veterans' health care was the focus of Div. 18 symposium whose aim was to address the strengths and quality of veterans health care that has been summarized in the four-volume Praeger Handbook of Veterans' Health . More than 62 VA psychologists, physicians and health care professionals contributed to this handbook. Present and past leadership in VA Psychology included Rod Baker, VA San Antonio; Walter Penk, VA Bedford; Lila Inglima-Pereira, VA Palo Alto; Ed Nightingale, PhD, VA Minneapolis; and Tom Miller, VA Lexington, Kentucky. Veterans' health care was examined for physical and mental health, treatment and rehabilitation with special attention to all members of the veteran community.  The symposium offered insights into primary care mental health integration programs and future directions and the path to excellence for veterans' health care in the 21st century.