In Brief

Congratulations to Janet Mielke Schwartz, PhD

The longstanding Div. 18 member was elected an APA fellow.

By Anne Shari Klee, PhD

Thank you to the Div. 18 Fellowship Committee members–Bob Goldberg, Kathy McNamara and Jeremy Mills–for their ongoing work to get Div. 18 members elected as APA fellows. This year, longstanding Div. 18 member Janet Schwartz, PhD, was elected as an APA fellow.   

Schwartz received a BS in education from Valparaiso University, and master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Pittsburgh, where she was honored with the distinction of university scholar. She is the president of Forensic Fraud Research, Inc., a nonprofit, not-for-fee investigative firm that formally incorporated in 2000 and became affiliated with the National White Collar Crime Center in 2003. It is comprised of skilled professionals along with state, local and federal employees who perform investigations and conduct semi-structured interviews with over 350 victims, whistleblowers, alleged offenders, offenders, alleged offenders’ spouses and family members, witnesses and bystanders. Results of such investigations have yielded the “Behavioral Characteristics and Personality Traits of the White-Collar Organized Criminal and the White-Collar Organized Community.”

As a forensic behavioral scientist, Schwartz has compiled data for and provided information to the FBI’s High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Money-Laundering Division in Manhattan; the FBI in Washington, D.C.; the National Science Foundation; the Defense Intelligence Agency; the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS; the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; the U.S. Postal Inspections Service; the Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission; the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and 19 other state departments in addition to various United States Attorney’s Offices. Writing the “Psychological Profile of a Spy” (2006) and conducting a pilot program for the nation, “Overcoming Resistance on the Local Level” (2008) are among the details that blended her work into the world of intelligence and homeland security.

Subsequent years and events have provided opportunities that have broadened her focus and passion. In wanting to help reverse the hate toward our country by Muslim extremists, Schwartz more recently has become active in international moderate Muslim outreach and was invited by a group of Saudi Arabian forensic psychiatrists to partner with them on creating their country’s first domestic violence and child abuse clinic. She is also an advisor for a USAID and American Embassy-funded project that works with radicalized youth who are serving time as convicted terrorists in Lebanon. 

Schwartz also authored “Last Summer with Oscar” and an accompanying workbook that launched as an international bestseller, featuring the adventurous journey she had with her beloved golden retriever as he discovered remedies that cured his own cancer.