Edition Focus: Navigating the Internship Process

What words of advice can you offer about "fit" for a public service internship?

Words of wisdom to remember.

By Kellye S. Carver

“... Have a sense of humor. These are giant systems with complicated rules and structures, some things don’t make sense — that’s the reality. You still carry out your obligations within constraining elements.”

Sarah E. Turley, PhD
Salt Lake City VA

“...Know that not all VA medical centers are the same. We have an axiom: ‘If you’ve seen one VA, you’ve seen one VA.’”

Myra Elder, PhD
 James H. Quillen VAMC

“...I would encourage prospective interns to read the materials from the particular site and see what is emphasized in their training program (and to consider asking on the interview or open house day what the program considers to be a good for their particular program).”

Jeffrey Bates, PhD
North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System