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Opportunities for professional involvement of interest to Div. 18 members.

Participate in the American Academy of Forensic Psychology continuing education workshops — “Contemporary Issues in Forensic Psychology,” which will be taking place throughout fall 2015 and spring 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio; St. Petersburg, Florida; Alexandria, Virginia; and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Membership in the Police Psychological Services Section (PDF, 96KB) of the International Association of Chiefs of Police. Student membership is available for graduate students that have completed master's-level requirements in their doctoral program and allows students to be involved in a very influential organization in the field of police and public safety psychology.

California Department of Human Resources (Sacramento, California) is in their second year of offering a practicum site devoted to the training of graduate student psychologists in the field of pre-employment psychological screening for public safety positions. This is a unique opportunity to get involved in a niche field. Training is often difficult to obtain in this field, because California regulations require that a licensed psychologist that meets additional requirements under relevant California regulations be in the room with the practicum student as they conduct the evaluation.

The Award for Outstanding Student Research in the Field of Police and Public Safety Psychology recognizes the most outstanding student research (e.g., dissertation, thesis) in the field of police and public safety psychology in the prior academic year. Quantitative, qualitative and theoretical dissertations are welcome. To apply, submit nomination materials electronically to Susan Saxe-Clifford, PhD, ABPP. Nominations require a letter justifying the candidate's suitability, a copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae and a copy of the dissertation or thesis abstract and/or a manuscript derived from the work. Note: Dissertation or thesis should have been approved in the past two years (July 2013-July 2015). Self-nominations are accepted.

The VA Section is seeking ambitious students for the following positions: VA Section student representative, a student leader with Members in Action and/or a student ambassador. If you are interested in applying, contact Timothy Carmody.