Recovery Curriculum

This APA curriculum has been designed to train psychologists in the principles associated with helping individuals achieve recovery from serious mental illnesses and in the practices and interventions of psychosocial or psychiatric rehabilitation. The content is broad and can be used to train other mental health professionals.

The curriculum consists of an Instruction module, 15 modules on topics of importance for psychologists and other mental health professionals working with persons with serious mental illnesses, and power point presentations that are designed to accompany each of the modules.

Within each of the topical modules, learning objectives, required readings, a sample activity pertaining to the content of the module and sample evaluation questions are given in addition to the substantive content of the module. Instructors are encouraged to make use of these teaching resources.

Each of the modules in the curriculum is based on the most recent scientific literature. In its entirety, the curriculum presents a comprehensive training program in recovery oriented principles and practices to help people with serious mental health disorders recover and achieve their full functional capability.

Presentation (PPSX, 143KB)
Guide (PDF, 311KB)

Module 1: Introduction to Recovery
Presentation (PPSX, 250KB)
Guide (PDF, 591KB)

Module 2: Recovery, Health Reform & Psychology
Presentation (PPSX, 158KB)
Guide (PDF, 516KB)

Module 3: Assessment
Presentation (PPSX, 159KB)
Guide (PDF, 548KB)

Module 4: Partnership & Engagement
Presentation (PPSX, 293KB)
Guide (PDF, 591KB)

Module 5: Person Centered Planning
Presentation (PPSX, 269KB)
Guide (PDF, 567KB)

Module 6: Health Disparities
Presentation (PPSX, 244KB)
Guide (PDF, 537KB)

Module 7: Interventions I
Presentation (PPSX, 142KB)
Guide (PDF, 460KB)

Module 8: Interventions II
Presentation (PPSX, 168KB)
Guide (PDF, 504KB)

Module 9: Interventions III
Presentation (PPSX, 233KB)
Guide (PDF, 558KB)

Module 10: Forensic & Related Issues I
Presentation (PPSX, 144KB)
Guide (PDF, 526KB)

Module 11: Forensic & Related Issues II
Presentation (PPSX, 153KB)
Guide (PDF, 595KB)

Module 12: Community Inclusion
Presentation (PPSX, 456KB)
Guide (PDF, 781KB)

Module 13: Peer Delivered Services
Presentation (PPSX, 143KB)
Guide (PDF, 505KB)

Module 14: Systems Transformation
Presentation (PPSX, 150KB)
Guide (PDF, 671KB)

Module 15: Scientific Foundations
Presentation (PPSX, 140KB)
Guide (PDF, 520KB)