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We are always looking to engage students interested in a career in public service; we want to connect, provide resources, and create opportunities.

Reasons to join Div. 18 as a Student Member

Join Div. 18, log in to APA or register, and then complete a division membership request. Student membership is only $25 per year. 

Benefits include the following: 

  • networking with other students, ECPs, and psychologists in public service
  • mentorship with those in the field
  • receiving weekly email just for student members that include updates about resources, opportunities, and news from around the division, APAGS, and APA
  • access to Div. 18 webinars
  • many opportunities to volunteer and get involved in leadership
  • access to the Div. 18 student email list
  • ability to join Div. 18 sections and their respective email lists

Div. 18 Student Representative

Do you have questions about joining? Do you have questions about exactly what Div. 18 student membership is about? Send an email to the student representative.

Section Student Representatives

Campus Representative Program Manager

Campus representative position: A campus rep. is a Div. 18 student member who acts as a liaison for students at their school, sharing opportunities to join, participate, and grow with Div. 18. Minimal time is needed; the position requires a 1-year commitment. It's a great way to boost your CV and get some leadership experience.

Interested in being a campus representative at your school? Fill out an application and email it to the campus representative program manager today.

Social Media Representative

Check out our social media pages to see what we're up to:

Div. 18, Psychologists in Public Service

Community and State Hospitals Section

Serious Mental Illness/Serious Emotional Disturbance Section

Criminal Justice Section

Veteran's Administration Section

Division 18 Student Section

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