VA Section Student Resources

VA Section Student Resources

VA Section wants to foster engaged student members, as we hope they will want to continue their membership in this organization following graduation from their programs, and more importantly, consider a career serving military service members and veterans.

If you’re a Div. 18 member and interested in getting more involved in VA Section, contact our VA Section student representative, Rachel Ward. Be sure to ask how to get added to the student listserv so you can contribute to discussions and receive relevant notifications.

Student mentorship program

Div. 18 offers a student mentorship program. Many of the mentors are VA psychologists. If you are interested in participating in the mentoring program, please contact Div. 18 student member representative, Ashlee Martlage.

Articles worth reading by our very own student members

VA Clinical Practicum Training
Practicum experiences offer trainees an array of potential growth opportunities.
By Shannon M. Blakey, PhD

Path to the VA: Perspectives and Advice from VA Psychology Leaders
There are just as many paths to finding oneself working at the VA as career paths within the VA.
By Rachel N. Ward

Date created: July 2020