Mentorship Awards in Aging

The recipient will be presented with a plaque and a cash award of $1,500 at the Div. 20 Business Meeting during the annual APA convention in the year the award is received.


Sponsor: Division 20


This award will be presented to an individual who has consistently provided support, guidance and strong direction to undergraduate and graduate students in aging and adult development. This individual might be someone who resides at a liberal arts institution or college that focuses on undergraduate education or it may be an individual at a PhD-granting institution. This award will be given to the individual who has been most actively committed to mentoring and who best exemplifies the qualities identified with strong, effective mentoring.

How to Apply

Annual deadline: March 15

Nomination materials should be sent in one email to the chair of the Awards Committee with "D20 Mentor Award Nomination" noted as the subject of the email by March 15 annually. The nomination materials will include the following:

  • A letter of nomination (by a Div. 20 member) describing the individual's impact and role as a mentor.

  • A current CV of the nominee.

  • A list of students and junior colleagues who the nominee has mentored by that person.

  • A brief statement by the nominee of his or her current work and future plans.

  • At least three additional letters of support written by students, former students, and junior colleagues. The letters for the mentoring awards should include the following information:

• A description of the nature of the mentoring relationship (when, where, level of training).
• A CV or resume for the student or junior colleague writing the reference. 
• The role played by the mentor in facilitating the student or colleague's development as a scholar and professional.

Nominees must be members or affiliates of Div. 20.

Nominees will be reviewed by a committee of past-presidents as well as past and present members of the Div. 20 Executive Committee.

Past Recipients


Elizabeth A. L. Stine-Morrow 


George Rebok


Alice Cronin-Golomb


Denise Park


Lisa Hollis-Sawyer


Jacqui Smith


Manfred Diehl


Susan Bluck


Laura Carstensen


William E. Haley and Patricia Reuter-Lorenz


Helene Fung


Cynthia Berg and Lise Abrams


Wendy Rogers and David Hultsch


Marcia Johnson and Fredda Blanchard-Fields


Susan Kemper and Deborah Burke


Susan Krauss Whitbourne and Chandra Mehrotra


Toni Antonucci and William E. Haley


John R. Nesselroade and Iseli Krauss