Div. 20 strives to advance the study of psychological development and change throughout the adult years. We invite membership from psychologists who provide services to older adults, conduct research on adult development and aging, or are interested in learning more about or teaching life span development and aging. The division has a strong mentorship focus; we invite and encourage participation from students and emerging professionals who share our interests.
  • Forty-Five Years of Influence of the Lifespan Developmental Approach: Past, Present and Future

    As part of an APA Interdivisional Grant Program awarded to Div. 20 (Adult Development & Aging) and co-sponsored by Divs. 3 (Experimental Psychology) and 7 (Developmental), researchers present information and findings about the Lifespan Developmental Approach to psychology, including its history, current findings and the future of the field.

  • Syllabi

    Division members make their syllabi freely available to interested parties to use as they see fit.

  • Teaching Tips

    Every issue of Adult Development and Aging News features a column providing advice for academics and educators.

  • Education Videos

    Division 20 maintains an extensive list of educational video synopses on a wide range of topics.

  • Textbooks in Adult Development and Aging

    Since the division's inception, several members have published textbooks in the field of psychology of adult development and aging.

Date created: 2013
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