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Div. 20's Special Interest Groups provide opportunities for involvement, networking, and information sharing within the division around specific topics and their relationship to the psychology of adult development and aging.

  • Addressing Ageism and Attitudes Toward Aging (A4) SIG 
    The mission of A4SIG is to address ageism and negative attitudes towards aging through research, clinical practice, education, and advocacy.
  • Aging Policy/Social Activism
    We aim to develop and maintain relationships among the professionals passionate about social and political advocacy for issues related to aging, including elder abuse.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias
    The mission of our SIG is to support ADRD research efforts and clinical practice by creating a network of collaborators and consultants who improve and disseminate evidence-based approaches to ADRD prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Caregiving & Geriatric Health Care Workforce SIG
    Our mission is to create an active and collaborative community of professionals, scholars and practitioners exploring the current impact in the field of geropsychology and caregiving dynamics, challenges, and opportunities.
  • Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience
    The overall mission of this group is to connect others in the field of cognitive aging and cognitive neuroscience. We hope to share ideas, career development and research resources, and enhance collaborative efforts across group members.
  • Coping, Resilience & Successful Aging SIG 
    The mission of the SIG is to provide a space for members to share their current and future projects focused on coping, resilience, and successful aging.
  • End-of-Life Special Interest Group
    The mission of the End-of-Life Special Interest Group (EOL-SIG) is to support EOL-related research and practice by creating an active network of researchers and clinicians who work together to advance evidence-based approaches to end-of-life (EOL) training, EOL planning, and EOL care.
  • Gender, Sexuality, & Aging SIG 
    The Gender, Sexuality, & Aging SIG is part of Division 20, and it is focused on stimulating and advancing research, practice, pedagogy, and discussion relating to inclusive and fluid understandings of gender and sexuality.
  • GO-VETS (Geropsychology and Older Veterans)/SIG
    Our overall mission is the following: To promote education, training, research and guide clinical practice in working with older adult veterans.
  • Intervention & Prevention SIG
    The Intervention & Prevention SIG is dedicated to the promotion and translation of scientific investigation on promoting healthy aging.
  • Mental Health Practice SIG
    This mission of this SIG is to foster a sense of community amongst early and established career psychologists with an interest in aging and mental health practice through facilitation of networking, peer support, learning, and resource sharing amongst members.
  • Quality of Life/Health-Related Quality of Life SIG 
    To promote connection and collaboration among Div. 20 members with shared interests in quality of life and health-related quality of life among older adults.
  • Race, Ethnicity, and Culture
    The mission of this SIG is to promote among early career professionals the understanding of diversity in the aging process, particularly how race, ethnicity, and culture can influence the experience and expression of health and psychological problems in adulthood, thus acknowledging that it is more important to know the patient than to know the disease.
  • Research Methods
    To stimulate interest, and support research and education, in research methods related to the study of human development and aging. To create a professional network where members across disciplines, professional settings, and levels of training with common interests in research methods can share ideas, seek and offer guidance, develop collaborations, and provide and receive mentorship.
Last updated: November 2021Date created: October 2021