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The mission of our SIG is to support Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD) research efforts and clinical practice by creating a network of collaborators and consultants who improve and disseminate evidence-based approaches to ADRD prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.


  • Increase dissemination of evidence-based practices in ADRD diagnosis and treatment.
  • Reduce prevalence of ADRD through education and preventative lifestyle strategies.
  • Improve clinical care of individuals with ADRD and support of caregivers.
  • Increase the accessibility and inclusivity of ADRD assessment and treatment.
  • Prioritize novel and non-pharmacological treatment interventions for ADRD.
  • Enhance understanding of the importance of clinical and psychometrically sound ADRD diagnostic approaches.

Strategic objectives

  • Disseminate research ideas and opportunities among ADRD SIG members to foster collaboration and encourage new project development.
  • Use information based on questionnaires to develop Sig interest topics and most reasonable way to disseminate information.
  • Prepare collaborative position papers on timely and important issues in the field of ADRD.
  • Provide professional and career mentorship opportunities.
  • Connect members at conferences and meetings throughout the year.
  • Develop SIG to SIG relationships by reaching out to related SIGs for joint activities including chats and related presentations and group discussion.
  • Consider new crosstalk related to COVID and cognition, in particular response to older persons.


Date created: November 2021