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The Gender, Sexuality, & Aging SIG is part of Division 20, and it is focused on stimulating and advancing research, practice, pedagogy, and discussion relating to inclusive and fluid understandings of gender and sexuality.

Our objectives include producing tangible and translatable training, advocacy, and education resources in collaboration with content experts in the field of gender, sexuality, and aging (e.g., terminology guides, domestic and international policy briefs, etc.) in pursuit of expanding the knowledge base while increasing awareness and reducing stigma.

We also seek to foster research collaboration, domestically and internationally, by identifying overlapping interests and engaging in regular communication to share ideas and ongoing advancements in the conducting and application of related research.

Members of the Gender, Sexuality, & Aging SIG also connect socially with other professionals across career and professional backgrounds in common pursuit of reducing the stigma surrounding age-related gender and sexuality topics.


Date created: October 2021