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  1. Our mission is to create an active and collaborative community of professionals, scholars and practitioners exploring the current impact in the field of geropsychology and caregiving dynamics, challenges, and opportunities. 
  2. To raise public awareness of older adults' needs, including health inequities/disparities as well as those of caregivers through clinical, research, advocacy, and teaching initiatives 
  3. To form a community of professionals across disciplines who are interested in caregiving and workforce related issues in geropsychology in order to support this area of research, clinical care, and advocacy to the broader public.


  • Increase the visibility of geriatric workforce and caregiving research in Division 20 and more broadly within APA.
  • Provide a place where collaborations form, creating research that helps enhance to understand and improve the quality of care provided for older adults, both professionally and in the family/community.
  • Provide a forum for sharing the latest research and innovations in the area of geriatric workforce and caregiving.
  • Create a place to recognize and promote the successes of this group’s members.
  • Create a venue to formulate action items for organizations and others in moving forward to improve geriatric workforce and caregiving.
  • To use research and opportunities for others' learning to contribute to the field of geriatrics and caregiving. 
  • To increase awareness of caregiver burden through research and the creation of novel ideas to assist in this regard. 
  • To raise awareness in the greater APA on issues related to caregiving and the geriatric workforce.  
  • To provide a network for community psychologists interested in this area of work to promote science informed practice and practice informed research directions.
  • To increase awareness of caregivers from underserved/underrepresented communities through clinical care, research, and social determinants of health, and the creation of culturally and linguistically sensitive care.


Date created: October 2021